1. A work in progress

  2. tarekturkey:


    Maryland 2010

  3. langestudio:

    Incredible Volvo ad - “The Epic Split”

  4. langestudio:

    Vanity Fair asked Robert Evans: “If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be?”

    "Helmut Newton’s camera."

    Check out the whole Q&A here: http://ow.ly/qLJmE

    (Source: vanityfair.com)

  5. eightymillimeters:



    Yashica-Mat 124G

  6. eightymillimeters:


    Summer 2012

    Yashica Mat-124G

  7. broux:

    jumping by W Edwin Isford on Flickr.

    (via phinojosa)

  8. ceciliariisphotography:

    Dream assignment in portfolio.

    Model: Lars

  9. Haruhiko Kawaguchi 

    Photographer vacuum seals couples together.

  10. photographersdirectory:

    Hi, I’m a norwegian photo student. I’m in love with texture, architecture, light, the abstract and the complex. I want to tell stories through my work so in that way they are self portraits but also others stories and the stuff I am passionate about in society.